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As a family, we are united by our love for architecture and consider ourselves fortunate to have the opportunity to bring our professional skills together in Castlunger Homes. As locals, we are deeply rooted in the region while also maintaining close connections with friends and business partners all over the world. This advantage makes us even more aware of the uniqueness of our country and culture and motivates us to work across borders.

Our origins are in the Dolomites and in Ladin culture, which instills in us a strong sense of belonging and respect for the region and its natural environment. This inspires everything we do and create, and drives our focus on developing local and authentic architecture in selected regions, blending harmoniously with the natural surroundings. Our projects are based on innovative ideas and exceptional concepts that don’t just make them unique, but also sustainable for the region, their people, and future generations.

Jan Marc – Kevin Karl – Karl Heinz – Daniel


Arch. Dr. Karl Heinz

Senior Managing Partner & CEO

Tel.:+39 335 821 90 74

I am an inventor. Even at the age of 7, I knew that I would turn my passion for drawing into a career and that this would bring me closer to becoming an inventor. What matters most to me is creating a timeless and holistic concept. Taking old things and making them new, as if they had always been there that way. We view the future with confidence across generations.

Embracing high standards.
Professional background: Californian and Scandinavian architecture (esp. timber construction). Establishment of Atelier Castlunger 1993 in Alta Badia, establishment of Garda Real Estate 2015 in Torri del Benaco.
Università di Venezia, architettura | University of Innsbruck, architecture

Dr. kevin Karl

Managing Partner

Tel.:+39 348 914 6101

I am an entrepreneur. In essence, a mover and shaker with a connected mindset. I love welcoming people from all over the world to my home, introducing new ideas that unite them with local business partners, and finally identifying the right properties.

With commitment.
Professional background: Management consulting at Oliver Wyman in Munich and Microsoft in Beijing, Equity Partner at Mall-Connect in Amsterdam, Real Estate Investment Associate at Savills in London, Frankfurt am Main, and Berlin.
Bocconi University | ESADE Business School | CEMS MIM |
European Business School (EBS)

Arch. jan marc

Managing Partner

Tel.:+39 338 2656358

I am an architect. A sustainable and experimental approach to design is at the heart of my values.An inquisitive and open mind towards innovative building techniques and utilization concepts is crucial.

Along with a foresighted approach.
Professional background: Swiss and Japanese architecture.
Sou Fujimoto in Tokyo, Mateo Arquitectura in Barcelona, Monoplan
in Zurich, Herzog & de Meuron in Basel.
TU Munich, architecture | ETH Zurich, architecture

Arch. daniel

Managing Partner

Tel.:+39 339 8143140

I am an architect. The mindset to see the world and design living spaces is more than just a profession. True aesthetics can only shine when unnecessary frills are stripped away: Reducing things to their essence ensures a clear and enduring impact.

With enthusiasm.
Professional background: South Tyrolean architectural firms and crafts businesses, South Tyrolean, and in particular, Ladin architecture.
Foundation of Tolpeit Architecture in 2018.
TU Graz, architecture | University of Innsbruck, architecture

Arch. aleksandr


I am an experienced architect. I owned and managed an architecture studio with my wife in Belarus for 15 years. My expertise lies in 3D rendering, with a keen interest in BIM, virtual reality, and process automation.

With dedication.
I am a family man and enjoy spending my free time with my wife and our two daughters. This is also reflected in my approach to work, as I value teamwork and a harmonious working environment.



As a colleague with over 15 years of experience in permit planning and floor plan design, I have perfected my professional skills. Precision and quality are of utmost importance to me at work, ensuring that my drawings are consistently accurate to the millimeter. Additionally, I am well-versed in current legislation and urban planning requirements.

With a sense of belonging.

My roots are in Colfosco, Alta Badia, which explains my affection towards the area and its people. When I am not working, I love to explore the region’s unique natural landscape and actively participate in cultural events.

Ing. Artur


I consider myself a specialist in execution planning and approach related tasks with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for creating precise plans and designs. With my extensive experience and competence in the construction industry, I have established personal relationships with many of our partners and trading firms. This has proven to be immensely beneficial in facilitating cordial, reliable, and high-quality collaborations on a wide variety of projects.

With passion.

Besides my job, I enjoy spending time with my family and taking in the beautiful views of our region on my motorcycle.


Jr. architect

I am a junior architect. With my degree in architecture from the University of Florence and professional experience in Bolzano, I can contribute my wide range of expertise to our diverse projects. As an expert in ArchiCAD, I enjoy transforming complex concepts into persuasive virtual realities.

With a thirst for knowledge.
I am an inquisitive person determined to collect as much experience as possible across various professional fields. Although I am a keen traveler, I value the natural beauty of my hometown St. Kassian in Alta Badia.


Jr. architect

I am a passionate architect. This is reflected in my visionary mindset, my thirst for knowledge and my wealth of creative talent. From design to concept, I enjoy delivering innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients. The process of integrating the beauty of architecture into our daily lives really matters to me.

With energy.
I am naturally inquisitive, which drives me to see question and approach things from various angles. This is an essential aspect of all my projects.


Interior Decorator

As an interior design consultant, I have a passion for exploring colours and light installations, and I am always seeking inspiration and fresh ideas to create unique and personalised spaces. With a decade of experience in the fashion industry and 15 years of providing interior design services to clients across the globe, I enjoy connecting with people and learning about their personal stories.

With curiosity.
Whether it’s at home in the Dolomites, traveling to faraway countries, or attending international trade fairs, it is the beautiful things in life that give me strength and inspiration in my personal and professional life.


Management Assistant

I am our “allrounder”. With deep curiosity, I learn as much as I can about our business and aim to do so in order to support our team in achieving our goals. As the eldest of four siblings, I am acquainted to bring order and structure into a big family.

With finesse.
After following my passion for travelling, gaining experience abroad in Switzerland and on the Iberian Peninsula, I followed my heart by returning home to Alta Badia. Here I like to devote my free time to my other passion, which is fine cuisine.

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