From the carpentry business of Konrad Castlunger, to the architecture firm of Karl Heinz Castlunger, to the architecture and real estate company „Castlunger Homes“


Dear readers, I would like to give you a personal insight into the topic of „generational shift“ at our family business, Castlunger Homes. My name is Jan Marc Castlunger, and I am a 30-year-old architect with a diverse life story. After living and working in renowned cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Barcelona, Munich und Zurich, I found myself at the prestigious firm Herzog de Meuron in Basel. However, I made a decision that surprised many of my friends: I returned to my hometown of La Villa in Badia to transform my father’s company into a young and ambitious architecture and real estate firm, together with Kevin Karl Castlunger and Daniel Tolpeit.


Returning to my hometown: No one can provide certainty about taking the right path. Every decision we make leads to new challenges and opportunities that open up a future marked by growth. As a student, my goal was always to attend ETH and work at the Herzog de Meuron architectural firm, which I did. At the same time, I knew that my homeland, South Tyrol, played a central role in my life and had the potential to become a place where I could work on realizing a vision and call it home. The connection to my family, the proximity to nature, and the values lived in our Ladin community motivated me to embark on my own journey and take responsibility for the company.


The balancing act of succession: My father led the architectural firm for over 30 years, turning it into a respected company known for its unique and defined Ladin architectural style. Together with his talented employees Natalie and Artur, he created work processes that produced extremely efficient and high-quality building projects. As an emerging architect, I am now faced with the challenge of bringing my own ideas while preserving this proven style. It requires a delicate approach to learn from my father’s experiences and yet forge new paths.


The importance of communication: Due to the close family ties, collaboration with my father is very positive. However, I have learned an essential lesson: honest communication and trust are the keys to a successful transfer of leadership responsibility. Only through open exchange and a harmonious work atmosphere can we maintain balance in the office. Together, we want to form a strong team and actively involve employees in the generational shift. In the end, they are the ones who will define this new company, Castlunger Homes, with their performance and character.


A glimpse into the future: While Karl Heinz and I continue to work together on current projects, our primary focus is on acquiring new projects through our new office, Castlunger Homes. Either Daniel or I will serve as project leads, with my father Karl Heinz providing guidance as an experienced advisor. By merging tradition and innovation, our architectural firm will define a strong, new architectural language in the South Tyrolean Dolomites. However, we do not lose sight of our desire to expand and engage actively in other destinations such as Lake Garda. Our main areas of focus are hotel construction and project development.


Conclusion: My decision to return to my homeland and take over my father’s company after all my international experiences may be surprising to some. However, for me, it represents the right step to find my own identity as an architect while continuing my family’s legacy. Through a strong team, open communication, and the right balance between tradition and innovation, we strive to shape the future of our architectural firm. This story shows that succession in family businesses can be an inspiring adventure that connects generations and opens up new perspectives.


Today @janmarccastlunger provides a personal insight into the „generational shift“ at our family business Castlunger Homes. ????????‍♂️????

After working for world-renown architectural firms in Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Barcelona, Munich, Zurich, and finally at the prestigious firm Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, at 30 years old Jan Marc has returned to his hometown La Villa in Badia. Together with his older brother Kevin Karl Castlunger and his business associate Daniel Tolpeit, they transformed his father’s company into a young and ambitious architecture and real estate firm. ????????️

This story shows that succession in family businesses can be an inspiring adventure that connects generations and opens up new perspectives for its partners, employees and clients. Swipe left!