The Ski Report 2023/24

Dive into the latest insights from the slopes with the release of “The Ski Report 2023/24″ by Savills!

Our managing partner, Kevin Karl Castlunger, started his Real Estate career at Savills as Management Assistant to the CEO (2018-2020), later advising on CRE transactions as an Associate (2020-2022).

Savills is one of the world’s leading property advisors, with 40,000 experts working across more than 700 offices worldwide. “The experience, knowledge and contacts of Savills across the Alps are unequalled. I admire their impeccable research and deeply rooted know-how on Ski Properties, and continue working closely with their team on services ranging from valuation, development consultancy, sales and marketing best practices, to rental opportunities!” – KKC

Key Insights from “The Ski Report 2023/24”:

  •  Market Overview: Global ski resort attendance has returned to pre-pandemic volumes, with around 370 million skiers globally. In Europe the sport continues to grow and attracts the new generation of skiers as the post-pandemic trends clear out.
  • Resilience in the Face of Challenges: Despite operational challenges and continued global warming, the European ski industry demonstrated resilience, adapting quickly and offering a promising outlook for ski enthusiasts.
  • Emerging Markets and Domestic Travel: Emerging markets in Eastern Europe contributed to unprecedented skier visits. The revival of domestic travel and a renewed interest in outdoor activities favored ski destinations with strong domestic markets.
  • Climate Change Concerns: Climate change poses a significant threat to European ski resorts, with 53% likely to suffer from poor snow cover if temperatures rise by more than 2°C. Higher-altitude resorts may have an advantage in attracting visitors due to more reliable snow conditions.
  • Retail in Ski Markets: Prime ski resort locations have evolved into high-end shopping destinations, witnessing a surge in luxury brands establishing permanent stores, driven by increased post-pandemic demand for leisure travel among high-net-worth customers.

Find the whole Savills Ski report 2023/24 here