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Do you also always face this problem with your construction projects?

Owner-managed businesses often have difficulties with succession, as the founder generation’s company may have operated successfully in the market but may not meet the expectations and desires of the new owners.

Clear positions and solutions – through POSITIONING ARCHITECTURE.

What is positioning architecture?

Every person and every company has its own personality. Positioning architecture builds in such a way that style and functional match. This not only focuses on the aesthetic aspect but also on the positioning of the company and its brand. The goal is to design architecture that fits the brand and target audience of the company. We assist our clients in developing a clear positioning based on the experiences of behavioral research. This provides security in the decision for the „right“ style.

What is the process for finding the right architecture?

We start with a strategic process to understand the brand and target audience. We analyze how the target audience „ticks“, in which environment they feel particularly comfortable, and which style they are particularly attracted to. This can be planned! The strategic process provides clarity about your own positioning, the brand, the host’s attitude, and what motivates them the most. This will be your greatest potential.

What are the advantages of positioning architecture?

The advantages of positioning architecture are manifold. On the one hand, it helps to better position the company and its brand through architecture. On the other hand, it ensures that the company and its brand are better perceived through architecture.

How can you ensure that the architecture fits the brand?

First, you must know the brand and its target audience. It is important to understand how the target audience „ticks“, what style they prefer, and what environment they prefer. Then you can tailor the architecture to it.

How can architecture contribute to entrepreneurial success?

Architecture is in the service of people and entrepreneurial success. It is not a matter of taste but of positioning. Personal attitude plays a very important role. Only if you have clarity about your personal attitude can you make the decisions about which elements are needed for full effect and how to further enhance them by simply reducing them to the core. It is about making conscious what you really want and adapting the architecture to it.

Why is positioning architecture successful?

Alignment with the target audience

After the strategic process, we know how the target audience „ticks,“ in which environment they feel most comfortable, and what style attracts them the most. This can be planned!

Creativity that has a lasting impact

What visual language do you speak? Elegant? Traditional? Innovative? And how do you know if it appeals not only to you but also to the guests you desire? A construction project is too valuable to leave all of this to chance!

Alignment with one’s own potential

The strategic process provides clarity about one’s positioning, the brand, the hosts‘ attitude, and what motivates them the most. That will be your greatest potential. The appropriate target audience will love it!

Warum ist postionierende Architektur erfolgreich?

Übereinstimmung mit der Zielgruppe

Nach dem strategischen Prozess wissen wir, wie die Zielgruppe „tickt“, in welchem Umfeld sie sich besonders wohl fühlt und von welchem Stil sie sich besonders angezogen fühlt. Das kann man planen!

Kreativität, die nachhaltig wirkt

Welche visuelle Sprache sprechen Sie? Elegant? Traditionell? Innovativ? Und woher wissen Sie, ob das nur Ihnen gefällt oder auch den Gästen, die Sie sich wünschen? Ein Bauprojekt ist zu wertvoll, um all das dem Zufall zu überlassen!

Übereinstimmung mit dem eigenen Potential

Der strategische Prozess gibt Klarheit über die eigene Positionierung, die Marke, die Haltung der Gastgeber und über das, was sie am meisten anspornt. Das wird Ihr größtes Potential sein. Die passende Zielgruppe wird es lieben!


???? Are you familiar with the challenges of succession in owner-managed businesses? Founder generations may have run successful companies, but they might not align with the expectations of new owners.


???? Positioning architecture focuses on creating a style and functional match for individuals and companies. It goes beyond aesthetics, considering the brand and target audience. We help clients develop a clear positioning based on behavioral research, providing confidence in making the „right“ style choices.

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